Jumpstart your way
into the Stock Market.

Now Out for Android - What is Stox?

The stock market is a complicated subject and it doesn't help that current ways to learn about it are long and dry. With Stox, we're solving this issue by teaching in a gamified way. Check out some of our features below.

Gamified Learning

No more reading long books or listening to dry lectures. Learn about stocks in a manageable, gamified way.

On the Go

Lessons are segmented into manageable bite-sized pieces. Make your breaks more productive with our app.

Start to Finish

Once you've completed enough lessons, we'll help you set up a virtual trading account and start investing in the stock market.

Incredibly Easy

We know how unappetizing long walls of text are. That's why we've ensured to carefully craft our material into bite-sized content. Our app feels nothing like reading a textbook, but teaches you much more.

Powerfully Interactive

Only reading for hours isn't for everyone. Instead of that, we've made learning about stocks interactive. Through our wide suite of interactive pagetypes, from drag and drop, to mix and match, to fill in the blank, our lessons are guaranteed to keep you entertained.

Coming Soon