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"The most important part of trade planning is done before the market opens. So I need a fast and intuitive scanner to set me up for success!"
Shay HuangCo-founder @ Stox.io


Make more money, Faster!

Here's why Stox will make you a better trader

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    Simple to useNo more complex interface just to see which stocks are moving. Stox is extremely easy to use with built in templates!
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    Web based, no downloads neededYou don’t need to download, install or update complex platforms ever. Just enter stox.io into your browser & start finding stocks to trade.
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    Affordable pricingYou won’t go broke with Stox. Most scanners out there are $150/month+ for absolutely no reason! Stox can find you top stocks to trade for a fraction of that cost.
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No Commitments, Cancel Anytime


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$58.2/ Month
  • Full US Equities Coverage
  • Lightning Fast Speed
  • Web and Mobile - No downloads
  • Full Premarket & After hours Data
  • Simple UI, Get Results Instantly!
  • No more paying $150+/month for scanners

Pay monthly - Cancel anytime

$70 / month
  • Full US Equities Coverage
  • Everything in Yearly Plan
  • Save 16% on your money
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Answers to common Questions traders have

Why was Stox.io created?

We wanted a simple-to-use, fast, and most importantly, affordable scanner that can work on any device. There was nothing like this in the market, so we had to create one!

Do I need to download or install anything?

You will never need to download, install, or update Stox. Stox is a web-based scanner that can be used on PC, Mac, or mobile phones. So you can research stocks on the go!

Which timeframes does Stox cover? Can I scan for stocks live during premarket trading?

Absolutely! Stox covers all US equities market trading hours, from 4am EST to 8pm EST. So you can find stocks to trade during premarket, regular hours, as well as afterhours.

Where does Stox source it’s data from?

We have extremely high data standards and we work directly with the US stock exchanges and Spikeet.com So you can be certain all data comes from the sources and that we have the best data quality out there!

Which securities does Stox cover?

We cover all US equities from all US exchanges, that includes stocks, ETF's, ADR's etc. All data is live and streamed directly to your browser to prevent any delays.

How live is the data? What is the refresh rate?

Data is streamed real time and live directly to your browser, so you get to see every trade or change in price. This was a top priority on our end to make sure there are no delays, and you can trust you are using the best scanner in the world!

Who should use Stox?

Stox was built for active day traders and swing traders. Whether you are day trading small-cap momentum stocks, or trading large-cap stock gap ups and multi-day breakout trends, Stox is the perfect tool to help you find stocks to trade.

How is Stox different from other scanners out there?

Other premium scanners out there are extremely complex or heavy to use, and most also cost more than $150 per month. There's no reason you should pay that much just to see which stocks are moving. We wanted to create the best and the most affordable premium scanner out there!

Want to find the best stocks to trade daily?

Make money faster and spot which stocks are in play right from your browser

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